Sparkle Boob

an awkward teenager with no sense of a future

A Porcelain Baby’s Bones

“I need your help, just this one thing and then I won’t try to talk to you anymore.” “How did you kill him?” John Wilson asked, sprawled out on the couch in a spiderly matter, his limbs running over the... Continue Reading →


Sad Ghosting

  See us, dark bodies wrapped in white silk, lined with translucent silver We are gloopy mascara collecting on the tips of dried up eyelashes, Sticking tiny pins in our eyes pretending that we aren’t sweet Shifting together to the... Continue Reading →

King of Pup

King of pup Has come and gone away Used to give us love and pink flesh roses everyday Now all of them have withered away From my mouth they hang, Upside down shivering away little bits of pain But you... Continue Reading →

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